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Our Fairy Tale Wedding October 21, 2011

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We were married in Positano Italy on August 10th 2011.

But, let me start from the beginning…

We met way back in August 2006 in a creative writing class at Texas Tech University. The seats were arranged in a big circle since the class was primarily discussion based. By coincidence Jeremiah sat  directly in front of me so I noticed him and learned his name on the first day of class. It wasn’t until October when he messaged me on facebook that we actually began talking to each other. We are both very introverted and private  so we continued our conversations through the phone and internet rather than chatting it up before/during/after class and letting everyone know we were talking. That would have been weird for us :). A few weeks into our talking to each other I went over to his house for a movie night. We were both so nervous we sat at complete opposite ends
of the couch, didn’t really talk to each other and watched the lamest movie I think I have ever seen.  After the movie was over we decided to do his favorite thing- drive around town. So for the next few hours we drove around talking about everything under the sun and realized we had a lot more in common than we originally thought we did. As cliché as this sounds, after that night I knew he was the one for me.

We still kept to ourselves during the day but would talk on the phone every night. A few weeks later we went on our first official date to the annual carol of lights show at Texas Tech University. The funniest thing I can remember from that night was watching all of the horses walk into the previous horse’s poop and everyone around us screaming “OHHHHHHHHH” haha, hilarious.

Since then, as they say, the rest is history- we were inseparable. We dated for about a year before I was introduced to his family and I immediately loved them. We started going on trips together, hanging out at his parents house etc. We started the marriage talk about three years into our relationship, but we both knew we weren’t old/ready enough to get married. So for the next two years I spent my time finding the most perfect simon g engagement ring I could ever dream of  (which is a big deal since I never make a decision on anything).

Then the time came: we were 24, out of college, and knew it was the right thing to do now. We started planning our wedding in November 2010 and
kept it secret from mostly everyone because we didn’t have the ring ordered yet. We both knew we wanted a small and intimate wedding and
ultimately instead of eloping we decided on a destination wedding. I had the perfect place in mind I just had to convince Jeremiah of it.
I found Italy’s Amalfi coast a few months back while perusing the internet and knew it would be the perfect spot. I showed him pictures of the area and he loved it too, score!

We then began our search for a wedding planner since I knew there was no way I could ever do that on my own. I came across Sara from Exclusive
Italy Weddings and knew she was the one to help us out. We began by selecting the type of ceremony- we knew we wanted a Catholic wedding
and chose the church of Santa Maria Assunta- gorgeoussssssssss. The rest of the wedding planning then quickly fell into place, I couldn’t
believe how easy it was and how I was making decisions so quickly!

We ordered the ring in January- still keeping it a secret from everyone but the parents. It was custom made and finally came in on March 10th- just 5 months
before our wedding! (By the way, Alisa Palmer is a wonderful photographer)

We then had engagement pictures taken, sent out announcements and had  about 15 people on board to come! The next few months flew by and
before we knew it we were on a plane to head to Europe for our honeymoon, then our wedding ( we had to do the honeymoon first because Jeremiah started school 4 days after were married!)

We honeymooned around Europe for two weeks before heading down to Positano Italy. Wednesday rolled around and the wedding festivities

The day started with the hair salon and all that jazz, then I went back to the hotel to do my makeup. Then before I knew it my mother law and
her twin sister were knocking on the door to help me get dressed. I thought oh my god…this is really happening! After we got the dress
on, realized it was crooked, took it off and put it back on, the photographer and wedding planner had come to take last minute

Then it was time to head down to the church. Because Positano is set up on the side of a cliff, cars can only go down to a certain point then it
becomes pedestrian only. We hopped out of the car and began the walk down to the church (which was all the way on the beach). Everyone
stopped to tell me congratulations- in Italian it is “Agoudi” -probably not spelled right. Then the wedding party and family were
situated and it was time to go! As soon as I heard the organ playing I started crying and thus walked down the aisle already in tears.

We had a traditional Catholic wedding which lasted a little over an hour, afterwards everyone went to have cocktails and snacks and we went off
for a photo tour. We then met up with the family at the reception which was a cute little restaurant situated right on the beach.

The night was filled with excellent Italian food, more drinks than I could have ever imagined and lemoncello! It was a great night filled
with love and laughter and I was so happy that I was joining a wonderful family.