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November running log November 1, 2011

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11/1- 2.6 miles- 30 minutes. The last few days have been so hard so I have been taking more days off than usual and its so hard to get back in the swing of things. My knee has been really hurting because of the temperature changes going on so hopefully that’ll straighten up once it stays cold and quits yo-yoing.

11/2– 2.7 miles- 30 minutes

11/3– 1.8 miles- 20 minutes

11/4- off day

11/5- 2.8 – 30 minutes

11/6- 3.0 miles- 32 minutes

11/7- 90 minutes yoga

11/8- 2.6 miles- 30 minutes

11/9– 2.8 miles- 30 minutes

11/10– 2.8 miles – 30 minutes


October Running Log October 21, 2011

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I never write down my milage or time until yesterday so I will start with yesterdays no good very bad and painful run.

10/20– 2 minute warm up- somewhere around 2.2 or 2.3 miles. Only could squeeze out 25 minutes. I think it was a combination of not taking a break for the last 9 days, not stretching after  my runs and resulting in soreness, and being tired and hot.

I also am trying out some new shoes..I’ve had a horrendous problem with my feet since taking up running all because of my shoes. I never went to a specalized running store for shoes before so I just went and picked up my normal size 7 tennis shoe from the mall and called it good. Since I started running I’ve started getting a lot and I mean A LOT of blisters on my poor tootsies, ouch! So I had enough.

I drove down the street to our local running store and begged for help :-). I’ve never had my gait analyzed until yesterday, it was a pretty cool deal the running store had set up. I rolled up my pants, put on some shoes and ran on the treadmill for about 20 seconds while this lady videotaped my feet. Turns out my left foot is of “normal” gait and my right foot likes to over pronate! Which explains the excess of blisters particularly on the inside of my right foot. So she told me all about the different fit of running shoes, different areas of stability etc. I tried on about 6 pairs of shoes made specifically for over pronators, cool! I finally settled on the adidas supernova sequence 4 because they are pretty soft on the inside and I love the colors!

How awesome are these babies?

The only good part of yesterdays run was the new shoes, they were so comfortable and for the first time in two and a half months my toes weren’t running into the end of my shoes! Success! 🙂

10/21 – I’ve decided to take the day off today, I’ve ran about 9 days straight and I think I need a break, plus my husband doesn’t feel like going either.

10/22- 2.7 miles – 30 minutes

10/23- 2.71 miles- 30 minutes

10/24- 2.8 miles – 30 minutes

10/25- 1.8 miles – 20 minutes

10/26- day off

10/27– 2.65 miles- 27 minutes

10/28– day off

10/29– 2.8 miles – 30 minutes

10/30- day off

10/31– 1.7 miles – 20 minutes

total miles- 19.5 miles



My Running Journey

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I have never been a runner and like most people, I got tired of feeling unhealthy and decided to make a change. Thankfully, I have never been overweight, I’ve always done just enough to stay relatively healthy, but I was tired of feeling bad. Tired of feeling like my jeans didn’t fit right, my shirts were too tight around my stomach, my arms were too big etc etc. Growing up I was an average size, but in college I stopped working out, started eating at random times of the day, and only eating things I could pull out of a box and microwave. Upon college graduation I was probably ten pounds heavier than what I weighed in highschool, but it didn’t really show so I didn’t think too much about it. It wasn’t until I began planning my wedding that I realized I could probably stand to lose a little bit of weight and more importantly just tone up a bit.

I did some research on the best way to become active when you haven’t been for a while and stumbled upon the ever so popular get running couch to 5k program.

I read the reviews of people who were in all stages of the program and instantly became motivated. I downloaded it onto my phone and began week 1 run 1. The first three weeks were very easy for me and I blew through them thinking this was going to be a breeze. I never looked ahead at the next weeks schedule because I didn’t want it to break my spirits and make me quit. So I hopped onto the treadmill and pulled up my next run and week 4 hit me like a brick wall- I’m supposed to run 5 minutes? You’re kidding me, right?  But I plugged through it and felt pretty good when I had finished.

My next obstacle came week 5 run 3- the dreaded 20 minute run. I had read reviews before I started and I already knew that this was coming up at week 5 and I mentally prepared myself from being able to run 8 minutes to being able to run the 20..could I even do that? I had a heart to heart with myself and I told myself I could do it, and I did it! It was actually pretty easy, I didn’t move my towel from the treadmill until I thought I had been going a while and I saw I only had 5 minutes left and didn’t even know it, what a confidence boost!

After that first 20 minute run I was offically bitten by the running bug, I was having such a good time and it was coming a lot easier than I thought it ever would. The following weeks went from three 25 minute runs, to three 28 minute runs and the final week being three 30 minute runs. I finished the program about a week ago and since then have ran every day. Knowing now that I can run 30 minutes without stopping, I have decided before progressing into the bridge to 10k I would work to build my speed. I did the C25k program on a relatively slow speed – 5 on the treadmill (that’s kind of embarrassing to admit!)

As of my very crappy run yesterday I was running at 5.3, so I will get to my target of atleast 6.5 within the next few weeks!

Running goals:

– Run a 5K

-Run a 10K

-Run a half marathon

-Run a full marathon

All by next year!