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Whittier Fruit Farm – October 9th 2011 October 22, 2011

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Today we decided to go out and try our hands at apple picking!

We went to this really neat place called Whittier fruit farm. It is situated on about 40 or so acres full of mature and immature apple trees, along with a huge pumpkin patch. They had this really neat wooden cart pulled by a tractor to take you out to the back of the farm where the pumpkin patch, fiji and another type of apples were located.

We tried to go apple picking a few years at this place right outside of lubbock, but it was uneventful. I think it is too hot there to support something like this. So I was really excited to go out and pick some fresh apples.

He was the best apple picker- he could reach all of the high ones

We walked away with 22 pounds of apples for only 15 dollars! What?!?


Watkins Glen – September 23rd 2011

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Since living in New York we haven’t had much time to go out exploring because Jeremiah is always holed up in the office studying for school. This weekend we decided to go out and explore because he didn’t have any upcoming tests and we were getting cabin fever.¬† We decided to venture down to the finger lakes region and visit watkins glen state park, which was about an hour and half from our home.

This place was absolutely gorgeous, I can’t believe we live so close to something so cool!

He looks so thrilled

We had so much fun wandering around for a few hours- aside from being splashed by freezing cold water and wearing the wrong shoes. Note to self: don’t wear sandals back here.

We can’t wait to get out again and go explore more of the finger lakes!