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My Cooking Journey October 21, 2011

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About a month ago I decided I needed to organize my growing cookbooks and recipe print outs and decided to start us our own family cookbook of tried and true recipes that we love.

(These were just the bound recipes, not all of my loose print outs that I’m too embarrassed to show 🙂 )

I bought two binders, dividers and some sheet protectors and printed off all the recipes I had favorited on my computer and began sorting them. One binder housed the ones we already knew we loved and the other massive binder is labeled recipes to try. I got my inspiration from Jen at i heart organizing her website is full of awesomeness.

I never loved cooking, or even liked being in the kitchen until a few years ago when Jeremiah suggested we cook together one night. I felt like I was in another country, with another language being spoken and using tools I never even knew existed. He was comfortable in the kitchen and knew how to cook quite a bit of things very well, thanks to his mom.

I on the other hand had not a clue where to even start, I never learned how to cook growing up and felt completely overwhelmed. I knew nothing about vegetables, I couldn’t identify over half of them, had no clue how to prep them or how long to cook them. Same goes for any sort of rice, dry bean, spices or anything that wasn’t microwavable for that matter.

My first solo dish was a complete and utter disaster. I found it in a healthy cookbook and thought “hey this looks easy enough”,  boy was I wrong. It was some sort of soup that contained an  incredible amount of vegetables, some dark leafy greens and a dry  pasta noodle. I went to the grocery store and found almost everything  I needed and the things I couldn’t find I decided I could figure out  something to sub with it. I don’t remember what the green was  supposed to be, kale or something maybe, but I couldn’t find it ( I  had no clue what it looked like and was too embarrassed to ask for  help) so I thought regular ‘ol spinach would do just fine. I came  home and started the process of cleaning and chopping the veggies,  measuring out everything I needed on the counter and then began to  cook.

(This is what it was supposed to look like)

The soup was just terrible, but Jeremiah was a trooper and ate almost half of it before he couldn’t do it anymore and said “we  probably shouldn’t eat this”


What little confidence I had  gained watching him cook quickly plummeted and I didn’t try to make  anything for a long time after.

Then I thought this was silly,  how hard could it be  to follow a recipe. So I picked out another easy looking one that had  ingredients I knew and I cooked it and you know what? It turned out  very well!

Since then I have found a  tremendous love for the kitchen, I am always scouring the internet  looking for healthy and delicious recipes to try. I love cooking with  vegetables and other things I was petrified of before. I now have  cabinets full of different types of pans, pots, small appliances, an amazing cutco knife set, and other really awesome kitchen utensils. Plus, organized cookbooks.

I love cooking so much now that I have started making ingredients from scratch- still from recipes- as  I am not that good  yet. I hope to one day be able to open my pantry and throw together a  meal that I make up on the spot.


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